We would like to thank everyone for an amazing 2013/2014 Winter Season. It’s that time of the year when we have to say our goodbyes and farewells until next season. We hope to see you at Sunrise during the summer, there are plenty of fun things to do up in the mountains and we welcome you and your family to continue building lifetime vacation memories. This is Sunrise saying, “Thank you again, we’ll see you on the Mountain.” : )


Welcome to the All New

Sunrise Kids Ski & Ride School

This age group has the highest level of success when they are enrolled in our All Day lesson programs. We have reworked our programs to focus on giving our guests a high quality learning experience. We believe so highly in our new first timer lessons that we Guarantee* all our Sunrise Discovery Lessons!

*Our Sunrise Discovery Guarantee – You will get the basics of skiing or riding in a full day or we will give additional instruction. The skiing basics are: stopping and turning on gentle beginner terrain, and riding a beginner lift. The snowboarding basics are: learning the four ways to turn and stop (toeside forward, toeside switch, heelside forward, and heelside switch), and riding a beginner lift.

Child Programs (ages 7 to 12)

The Sunrise Discovery Lesson is for the first time skier or rider and is a full day with a Professional Instructor. Your Instructor is your guide to open up the Fun and Exhilarating world of ski and riding. We Guarantee you will learn the basics in your first full day!
Lesson Time 10 AM to 3:30 PM
Lesson – Includes Free Beginner Lift Ticket $75
Lesson & Rental – Includes Free Beginner Lift Ticket $95

If you have done any skiing or riding in the past this is the program for with anyone from second day through expert. Learn the techniques that will make your skiing or riding more fun with less effort. This group lesson will give you all day to get some real mileage while practicing your new found techniques. Speed up your learning and maximize your quality time on the slopes.
Lesson Time 10 AM to 3:30 PM
Lesson $75
Lesson & Lift $95

Would you prefer your child have more personal attention? The 4 Explore child lesson will have no more than 4 children in a lesson for a very personalize lesson. All Levels of instruction. First Time Skiers & Rider include a free beginner lift ticketLimited Availability. Reservations required.
Lesson Time 9 AM to 3:30 PM
Lesson $195
Lesson & Rental $215



This is the best deal going for people that really want to learn. For the cost of two All Day Lessons you get a Third Day FREE!  Do you want to get to the point of cruising around the mountain on your own? The First Time Series is the package for you!
Lesson Time 10 AM to 3:30 PM
Lesson – Includes Free Beginner Lift Ticket $150
Lesson & Rental – Includes Free Beginner Lift Ticket $210
Do you want to give your child the instruction time and the all-important mileage to move up to the next level? Here is a fantastic deal. For the cost of two All Day Lessons you get a Third Day FREE! Invest the time to incorporate improved technique into your skiing or riding and push your child’s fun to an all new level!
Lesson Time 10 AM to 3:30 PM
Lesson $150
Lesson & Rental $210

Does not include Lift Ticket or Rentals
Lesson Time 10 AM & 12:45 PM
All Levels $39

For more information about Ski and Snowboard lessons, please contact the Ski School directly at:

(928)735-7669 Ext. 2306 – please include your phone number for a faster reply.Prices listed include any applicable sales tax.




You deserve the undivided attention of a Professional Instructor. Our new format allows you to have up to 6 people in your group for the same price. Explore the mountain and maximize your on the slope time with exclusive access to ski school lift lines. We recommend lessons be taken by students of similar ages and abilities. When ages and/or abilities are varied, the Instructor will have to focus more time to the lowest ability and/or youngest student. Lift Ticket and Rentals Extra. Limited Availability. Reservations required.
All Day Private     1 to 6 People – 9am to 3:30pm $500
Half Day Private   1 to 6 People – 9am to 12pm or 12:45pm to 3:45pm $350
1.5 Hour Private   1 to 6 People – 9am, 10:30am, 12:45pm, and 2:15pm $200